How to write classification and division essay

There are many types of essays: persuasive, explanatory, exemplification, narrative, and so on. The more different types of essays a student can write, the more experienced and versatile a writer he is. In this article, we will look at how to write classification and division essay, what the structure should be in these essays, and what rules should be followed. You will become such a cool professional essay writer that you can write your essay yourself without the help of services!

Features of classification and division essay

The essence of this essay is to break down a large layer of material into small pieces and understand the subject better. That is, you break the subject or topic under study into parts, and then divide those parts into different categories.

Like any other type of essay (for example, reflective essay), you must break the letter into 3 parts:

  • Introduction
  • The body of the essay
  • Conclusion

Unlike a typical essay, you can use more than 5 paragraphs here (1 paragraph for the introduction, 3 paragraphs for the body of the essay, and 1 paragraph for the conclusion). Don't limit yourself in volume.

When writing classification and division essay, sort the parts into 3 or more categories. Each category should have its own personal and clearly marked characteristics. Be sure to use examples and descriptions as evidence and important supporting details. By dividing the information into sections, you identify the distinguishing features and examples that members of each category show. Even short stories or anecdotes can be used as evidence!

The main 3 elements of classification and division essay:

  • A set of things or objects by classification
  • The principle of choice according to which the set is classified
  • The classes into which the sets are subdivided

What is a set

One set includes information that has common features and similarities. Different sets contain information with different features. For example, surface ships are classified into aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, and destroyers. Submarines are outside the scope of the Surface Ships set. Tankers are outside of the Warships set, and aircraft are outside the Ships set.

What is the principle of choice

This is a characteristic by which the elements of each class are selected. For example, living organisms in biology are classified according to their life cycle and structure. In geography, land is divided into continents and islands, and water resources into oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and swamps. This classification indicates what size and structure the water body has.

If we consider rocks, then we remember that they are divided into magmatic, sedimentary and metamorphic. This is the principle of selection based on the origin of the rock.

What is a class

This is a group that unites objects according to certain common characteristics. It is very important when writing an essay to determine the value of this class, as well as its difference from other classes. In biology, all vertebrates are divided into 5 classes:

  • Pisces class
  • Amphibians
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Mammals

Animals within each of these classes differ significantly from animals within other classes. Use the following methods when considering classes:

  • Description (of the class)
  • Narration
  • Definition
  • Examples
  • Comparison
  • Contrast

So, let's summarize. Unlike cause and effect essay, in classification and division essay all information is divided into classes and sets, while it is important to indicate the principle of selection and division into one or another class. For example, all content on the Internet is divided into descriptive, news, articles for general development, advertising texts, etc. In turn, news is divided into political, sports, travel, lifestyle, social, international, astrological, etc. Therefore, unlike great essay, you should focus primarily on dividing information into classes and sets.